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2836-2 (ETA, Asian Clone)

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    This just keeps on getting better...

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I'm about to pull the trigger again after a very long time... whooo!!! :D I've forgotten how addictive these forums are.

The rep world have changed since, so I need to re-educate myself again.

After reading the forums I am unsure of a few things about the 2 different 2836 movements ("ETA" and Asian clone)

A Swiss ETA 2836-2 could be:

A genuine Swiss ETA 2836-2 (Dream on!)

An brand new Asian clone, regulated with some QC (Most probably?)

A old used gen ETA 2836 with refurbirshed old parts (Probable?)

Another Swiss brand movement that is similar to an ETA 2836-2 (Unlikely)

A genuine swiss 40 yr old movement (WTF??!!)

An Asian 2836-2 could be:

An brand new Asian clone, regulated with some QC (Would be nice, probable)

A stock Asian clone 2836-2, no QC or regulating, hair & dust no extra charge (Most probably?)

A genuine Seagull movement that is similar to a 2836-2 (Unlikely)

Exactly the same movement as "Swiss ETA" advertised reps (Shock, horror!)

Does anyone have any pics of a so called "Asian Clone" movt? Is it the same as in ajoesmith's post?CLICK HERE

I don't want to pay the extra $$$ if the Asian clones are as good or in fact the same as Swiss ETAs. I would however, pay the extra bucks if in fact the "Swiss ETAs" are Asian clones regulated with some QC. And I sure don't want to pay extra dollars for an old, used ETA movement.

Can anyone clarify anything here? Just want to know if we are paying the extra dollars for anything extra at all.


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